Industrial Workforce Staffing & Team Solutions

Industrial workforce staffing and team solutions were a couple of topics covered at a recent seminar I had the privilege of attending. This event, hosted by MRCI WorkSource at the Rosemount/Senior Living at Steeples Center in Rosemount, Minnesota, is one of eleven planned “Lunch ‘n Learn” seminars with the goal of sharing some of their successes in workforce solutions, while introducing their organization to area businesses. A win-win…you’ve gotta love it!

the rosemount -igniting a spark-JAN-2018

(Photo credit: Nick Cachiaras, Communications Specialist for MRCI)

This seminar was conducted by Rhonda Kalal, Business Development/Marketing Coordinator (shown above, first row left) for MRCI WorkSource. The focus of the talk was how to “Ignite Spark” within your organization. While citing multiple staggering statistics (e.g. 72% of employees are disengaged, many undermining fellow co-workers and the mission of an organization), Rhonda offered multiple solutions to address the majority (95%) of employees’ desire to be part of something GREAT. Rhonda expertly shared multiple ideas for creating “spark” and creating an engaged workforce. Something as simple as implementing a Recognition Program to highlight and recognize employee contributions can increase motivation and productivity by 12-23%. Recognition might come in the form of a thank you from a fellow team member, or recognizing an anniversary and dedication to the organization. There were many, many more examples shared for ways to both understand employee motivation and opportunities to “ignite spark” within your organization.

I would highly recommend attending these events. The presentation included opportunities to network with other organization representatives, enjoy a light lunch (maybe even with a dessert with a “sparkler”), and learn about the MRCI mission & ways those in attendance may be able to become involved further.

So, why is APPRO highlighting MRCI? As an architectural designer, builder and broker (CERRON) of industrial, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, we have 30 years of history, working with many amazing companies who may find that the mission of MRCI speaks to their organization’s needs for industrial workforce staffing and team solutions. We hope you will consider learning more about their great group of people and opportunities to create some synergies. If you are interested in learning more about workforce solutions through MRCI, CLICK HERE. Also, if you are interested in learning more about attending upcoming Coaching Capacity events (like the one described in this article), CLICK HERE.

MRCI Background: MRCI has multiple locations, including nearby Rosemount and Shakopee, where (according to the MRCI website), they “partner with employers to meet business needs and serve as an ongoing resource in diversity integration. Recruiting processes, technology enhancements, access to education and training, along with financial incentives are making it easier for employers to hire workers with disabilities or disadvantages, especially in partnership with MRCI WorkSource.”

Thanks also to Shelly Krueger and her team at The Rosemount – Senior Living at Steeples Center for their hospitality for this Lunch ‘n Learn “SPARK” focused event!

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5 Quick Tips for Locating your Industrial Business in Airlake

Attention industrial business owners! If you are currently seeking an industrial site to land your office warehouse, office manufacturing, or office distrubution facility, the Airlake Industrial Park may be an ideal fit. 

The team at APPRO Development has created a list of 5 Quick Tips you should look for, if considering a new location.

Take a look at the following list to learn more about:

  • The benefits of locating your business in the Airlake Industrial Park
  • Items to consider before making a move
  • Additional impacts of choosing the right site for your business

Let’s start with the 5 Quick Tips…

There are five quick tips you should consider when choosing a location in the Airlake Industrial Park (or any site for that matter):

Airlake Lots Available 2017-1.png1. Location, location, location. First of all, where are you located now? Is that working for you? You may be reading this blog post because you are interested in the Airlake Industrial Park, (or Lakeville, possibly?) and want to learn more. Consider where you and your employees live. What is the current commute like? Is Lakeville in your backyard? Does that matter to you and your employees? Do you need to be close to the Interstate? Or, near a small airport? If you have answered “yes” to some of these questions, Airlake may be a good fit.

2. Amenities. This ties into the first “sign” or consideration, but it is important to consider what your business location has access to for your business to thrive, and to keep high employee retention. Do you prefer to be close to restaurants? To shopping? Are hotels a factor for clients? Does rail access factor into your decision? What about outdoor storage? Are any of these things your business would like, but doesn’t currently have? 

3. Price. When considering a location, pricing can vary from parcel to parcel. Not only the price of land, but what is included. Is the parcel of consideration “raw land” or has it been platted? Does it have utilities to the site? At what stage of development is the parcel of consideration – fully platted with lots and blocks, platted as an outlot, or raw land, just waiting to be developed? All of these items factor into pricing considerations. We have a variety of land parcels available in the Airlake Industrial Park in terms of stage of development, and also in terms of cost per square foot.

Industrial Business Space Options - Manufacturing Floor.jpg4. Business Type. Not all land parcels are right for all types of businesses. Zoning must be taken into consideration. Say for example, you have a great idea for a daycare for pets. Current Lakeville zoning code will not allow this type of use in a commercial zoning district, and therefore must be located in an industrial zoning district, unless City approval is sought for a change to the current zoning code. Knowing the current code and how that impacts your business makes a difference.

5. Future. Where do you project your business to be in 5 years, 10 years, or more? Are you on a site now which you are able to expand upon? Do you plan to add more staff? Do you have enough parking? Do you anticipate needing more outdoor storage? 

The Airlake Industrial Park is home to  almost 150 businesses, making it the 2nd largest industrial park in the state of Minnesota. Sites are available in the Industrial Park and offer businesses the ease of interstate I-35 access, close proximity to the Airlake Airport, industrial zoned parcels (with nearby commercial and office park zoned parcels) available for purchase now, reasonable list prices for these available sites.  Many sites are available on rail lines and outdoor storage is available on some sites as well. We recommend that you start your discussions with an appointment with our team to help you navigate the process. 


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