Wood Framing in Commercial Construction

Curious about wood framing in commercial construction?

Wood Lumber Framing in Commercial Construction article by APPRO Photo Source: Wikepedia, 2013.

Occasionally, changes in wood supply cause a downgrade in the structural properties of wood. You can see an example of this type of activity in the article at this link for the information put forth by Carolinalive.com at: http://www.carolinalive.com/news/story.aspx?id=674670.

The angle this particular news story takes is to focus on the economic impact that may occur to the industry in the area or state. The steel framing industry association presents this info in a different light entirely by promoting the properties that steel framing members include.

I believe it will cause a trickle-down effect to consumers who will have to, in some instances, be required to use larger wood framing members than in the past to get the same job done. This affects us all when it comes to residential or commercial building when wood is the chosen material.

Interestingly enough the wood groups aren’t necessarily arguing the downgrade itself, only how quickly it is being proposed to be put into effect.

Both steel and wood association groups tout the sustainable properties of their products. It will remain to be seen how each product continues to be affected and the impact on residential or commercial construction.

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