Financing Commercial Real Estate

Financing Commercial Real Estate?

Good news is just out from the National Association of Realtors in a recent article, “Lenders Return to Commercial” by Lawrence Yun, written for the nation’s largest association for real estate professionals (NAR) publication, REALTORmag

According to Yun, “The improving economy and an improved lending environment are the primary reasons for the gains. But it is the second factor—lending—that is making the biggest difference. In our latest survey of commercial practitioners, 42 percent said they’re seeing credit easing.”

Yet, there are still hurdles to overcome, states Yun, including the requirement to put at least 30 percent down on commercial real estate purchases. The reason for these tight restrictions, according to Yun, is that the majority of commercial transactions are under $1 million and are most often funded by small community banks. Without the backing of federal programs like FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, as in residential lending, commercial lenders have reason to be additionally cautious.

At CERRON Commercial Properties, we are indeed seeing an increase in commercial transactions, due in part to the community banks lessening some of their requirements. If you are considering purchasing a commercial real estate property and need to choose a lender, our team recommends you review our “How to Choose a Commercial Lender” checklist, as you make this important decision.


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13 Commercial Property Tips for Non-Creepy Spaces


APPRO and CERRON commercial property tips for non-spooky buildings “Spooky Moon” Source: rcbodden via Flickr

Our team would like to share some fun commercial property solution ideas to keep your space from being creepy (BEWARE: this blog post contains many links to helpful resources – you may need to hover your cursor over to see the link and a description will “magically” appear – only a little spooky, right!?):

  1. Clear out the spiders and cobwebs to make your space enchanting. We team up with the best subcontractors in the industry, including commercial cleaners & landscapers.
  2. If your parking lot is looking more like a graveyard, than a welcome space for your employees and visitors, it might be time to consider an exterior update. We hire the best Project Managers in the Midwest who oversee our remodel, expansion and new building projects.
  3. If your employees are looking more and more like zombies because their workspace needs changing, you may want to consider a possible remodel. Our design team can plan out ideal space configurations for your workplace.
  4. If you encounter monsters on your drive into work, you may want to consider moving your business to a different location. CERRON Commercial Properties – our website includes ALL Minnesota commercial properties*!
  5. Does the thought of finding a new space feel a little scary? A new lease space is waiting for you.
  6. Afraid of the Dark? Shed some light on your office, retail or industrial spaces by implementing new lighting and/or design options. Our award-winning Architect has the perfect solution.
  7. Are ghosts and tumbleweeds the only things passing by your retail space for lease or sale? The CERRON team can connect you with some live prospects.
  8. Wondering if it is time to sell your space, but the cat’s got your tongue. Get a quick, easy, and free market analysis.
  9. Do you find the prospect of financing a new project downright hair-raising? Clear, solid financing options are available.
  10. Face the skeletons in the closet and tackle building maintenance. Use our annual maintenance checklist.
  11. Looking for the perfect potion for configuring space or calculating financing? Easy estimating tools (space & mortgage calculators) are bubbling up in our cauldron.
  12. Are your employees howling for more space? APPRO can fast track a new building for your favorite werewolves.
  13. Finding vampires everywhere you go? Might be time to consider working with our friendly, (non-blood-thirsty) APPRO and CERRON team.


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