Who is a Good Commercial Remodel Company in MN?

Who is a good great commercial remodel company, you may ask? We are! At APPRO Development, a south metro, MN, commercial general contractor, we have been hard at work to help our clients with some innovative remodel projects around the Twin Cities over the past couple of weeks.

Erik's Bike Shop - Remodel by APPROWe have been working with Erik’s Bike Shop to renovate the former St. Paul Union Hall, St. Paul, MN.

This commercial renovation project includes demo to the existing Union Hall interior, replacing all existing with new rooftop units, frame out of two (2) restrooms, and renovating the exterior of the existing building for the shell of this project. Future tenant improvement work will follow for this retail end user. As a design build general contractor, we work directly with our client every step along the way to obtain the necessary permits, track costs, work with subcontractors, and bring the project in on time and on budget.


04052013 (7)We have also been working on a project for BTD in Lakeville, Minnesota.

This project includes the renovation of the interior of this industrial facility focusing on office space remodel by stripping existing finishes and providing new painting, flooring, doors, and ceilings to create a more modern space for this end user.

You can track the progress of either of these projects by clicking on the project names which will link you directly to their individual project pages.


If you have a commercial remodel, renovation, addition or expansion project in the Twin Cities, we are your commercial general contractor, working hard to provide property solutions for you…with you, across MN and ND. Contact us today for more information on our commercial building remodeling process.


For additional information on the project for Erik’s Bike Shop in St. Paul, read this article: Erik’s Bike Shop in the News.

Commercial Architect – Services by APPRO Development

MN Commercial Architect

Commercial Architect - APPRO Development - MNThe commercial architect services by APPRO Development, provides our clients attention to every detail – within their budget and time frames – to create unique commercial spaces. We recently completed a project for Erik’s Bike Shop which is now located in St. Paul just off of Ford Parkway. This commercial construction project illustrates the design process involved with the remodeling of this commercial retail building. We met with the owner to determine site feasibility, design the new space design and to discuss the details of this specific site and its impact for this local bike retailer.

Our initial steps in the process were to create plans that not only met the owners needs and requirements, but also with the City of St. Paul and State of Minnesota officials. As a commercial architect with more than 26 years of experience, we put our expertise to use to work with city officials to obtain the necessary permits and to follow the guidelines involved in commercial building. Our process initially includes a competitive bidding phase in which we invite pre-approved subcontractors to submit bids for our projects. This allows us to present the best priced product to the owners with whom we work. We work with a team of highly skilled subcontractors to execute the building plans. When the plans and budget are determined and agreed upon by all vested parties, a design-build contract is put in place and the construction work begins (in some instances, it makes sense to place a design contract in place initially, and then add the construction contract further along in the process).

Our talented design/architecture team along with our expert project management team oversees each and every one of our projects from initial inception to final completion. Project managers work closely with the owners, subcontractors, architect, and city and state officials to ensure streamlined communication with all vested parties in the project. If materials or finishes change during the project, those changes and associate costs are made known to the owner. The owner and subcontractors are then issued change orders to document the agreed upon changes.

Upon completion of the project, a walk-through with the owner and exit interview is scheduled to review the projects, and to determine if any outstanding items remain for the final completion (e.g. plantings or seeding in the spring). A substantial completion form is also issued at this time and the warranty period begins.

Our entire team makes every possible effort to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but to exceed them! We are not happy until you are. If you would like to discuss a project you have in mind, or simply have more questions about our process, please do not hesitate to contact us. An initial conversation costs you nothing more than a few minutes of your time, but could save you much more by choosing to start that initial conversation with a reputable commercial architect.

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Minneapolis St Paul Regional Business Plan

Minneapolis St Paul Regional Business Plan

I recently attended a forum on restoring job growth in the Minneapolis St Paul region that was sponsored by The Itasca Project which is an employer led civic alliance focused on building a thriving economy and improved quality of life for the Minneapolis- St. Paul metro region. Some of this work can be found at www.metromsp.org where you can search all available commercial properties that are for sale or for lease. It is a joint public-private
partnership with
DEED and MNCAR. MSP has long had a history of stable growth, not boom or bust like some other cities. “Steady success over recent decades renders the region less prepared to deal with data suggesting a pattern of decline. MSP’s growth rates over recent years for productivity, incomes and employment have all trailed national averages.” Venture capital firms and new business start up rankings have also declined. However, for homegrown Fortune 500 businesses, Minnesota ranks at the top.

According to the executive summary, the time is NOW to bring together multiple regional efforts utilizing 6 critical leverage points:

1) Cluster concentration of industries, functions and occupations

2) Develop and deploy human capital for economic growth

3) Develop an infrastructure of innovation and entrepreneurship

4) Increase spatial efficiency

5) Create effective public and civic culture and institutions

6) Develop and deploy information resources

The four main industry clusters include food, health, design and the arts as identified by 4FRONT, a non-profit organization established to identify, attract, nurture and recognize world-class inventors, entrepreneurs and artists.

All businesses start out small in some shape or form. Now is the time to position your business for the 21st century. Taking advantage of a buyer’s real estate market is one way to help your business grow as we see improvement in our economy. Contact us at 952-469-9444, www.cerron.com or email me at rozp@cerron.com to learn more.