Lease, Buy or Build

Lease, Buy, or Build: How To Know Which Is Right for Your Business

Whether you’re launching a new business, expanding an existing one, or simply need to move locations for one reason or another, you’ll need to decide whether to lease, buy, or build a property. And with current construction lead times, it’s important to make this decision early on. If you don’t, you could be in for a long wait before you …

interest rates and financing

Concerned About Interest Rates and Financing? Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Worry

The truth about interest rates and financing.   The headlines surrounding interest rates and financing can be scary…but, thankfully, the truth is much less so. Yes, interest rates are higher than they have been over the past few years. But, historically speaking, they’re still relatively low. And, the reality is, if you’re looking for a commercial or industrial property for …

Commercial Lending Rates remain low - APPRO and CERRON share


SBA 504 Rates Remain Low Word on the street is that the SBA 504 lending rates continue to remain low. As of this week of December 13, 2021, the published SBA 504 rates for loans funding in December are: 25-year term – 3.026% 20-year term – 2.880% And, for 504 SBA refinance projects funding in December: 25-year term – 3.040% …

Meet the Appro and Cerron Team: Darby O. Regan

Meet the Appro and Cerron Team: Darby O. Regan

We would like to introduce you to Darby O. Regan, who will be working with our APPRO team as a Development and Pre-Construction Manager. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and our great team at APPRO CERRON.

Meet the Team at Appro and Cerron - Darby O Regan at desk 2021

Name: Darby O. Regan

RoleDevelopment & Pre-Construction Manager,  APPRO Development, Inc.

Why should someone who does not know APPRO and CERRON, choose our companies?

  • We have the ability to help businesses work through all aspects of moving to new spaces from finding and developing land, to designing and building projects.

What inspires and/or motivates you in what you do with APPRO & CERRON?

  • Providing a finished project that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

What is something you like to do outside of the office for fun?

  • I love going to sporting events, and doing a variety of “outdoorsy” things (hunting, fishing, and water skiing to name a few).

Meet the Team at Appro and Cerron - Darby O Regan and Golf 2021What is your favorite sport/event (to cheer on or to play)?

  • I love golfing. I will take any chance I get to play a few holes!

Where is one place you have not been, but would really like to go?

  • It’s hard to choose just one, but the next place on my travel bucket list is Croatia.

We are thrilled to have Darby on our team! Darby is a very positive, hardworking, and knowledgeable member of our property solutions team. You will get to know Darby while working on the city entitlement process, preliminary project planning, initial bidding, and project management. Welcome Darby!

View more team member links HERE.

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Commercial Land For Sale in MN

Commercial Land Site in MN available now for purchaseCommercial land for sale is available in MN throughout the South Metro region of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC is a commercial real estate broker and in this article, summarizes the properties currently available in this region of Minnesota.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Initial Site Considerations
  • Sites Available
  • How to Start the Purchase Process

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or diet soda, or…?) and get ready to learn about how to make the most of your next land purchase!

What kind of Commercial Land Sites are available?

When you are shopping for a new site for your business, there are many factors you will want to consider. These considerations should include: the site location, zoning, traffic counts, demographics, size, and price, to list a few of the basic considerations. 

Let’s start with the most important aspect – Location! You have heard it over and over – the most important component of buying real estate is location, location, location! Do you need a site that is close to where your employees live? Close to where you live? Close to your customers? Is freeway access important? What about proximity to airports? Or, distance between you and your competition? There are many considerations for which to be aware. Once you have chosen a location, does the location have the right rules in place for your type of business?

Land sites located in Lakeville, MN - Listed by Cerron Properties

Zoning is another important consideration – these are the “rules” to play by for each business type. While one parcel of land may be zoned Light Industrial, an adjacent parcel may be zoned Heavy Industrial or Office Park. If you have narrowed down your search to a specific area, you will want to become well-versed in the zoning, to ensure that your business type is an allowed use on that particular site. That is not to say that it is impossible to request a change in zoning, or a conditional use permit (CUP) from the city, but it is certainly easier to find a parcel already zoned for your specific use. Once you have identified the right location, and the City’s rules for the site, allow you to play by the rules, you will want to investigate the neighborhood.

Traffic counts and demographic data also should factor into your site location. This information is available on some public sites. Your real estate broker can also obtain this information for you as well. This data is especially important to a business that relies on local consumers for a retail setting. Identifying a location that gets a lot of morning traffic, say for a coffee shop for example, makes a big difference. Understanding your target audience also matters greatly, and knowing that your business location is close to that audience (e.g. age, income, spending habits, and more) can make a big difference for the success of your business. 

Lakeville Commercial Land Site - SEQ-SWQ-I35-CR-70 - MN

Once you have determined the ideal location and kind of land for your business, you are ready for the next steps in the process (to learn more about the next steps, download a Project Timeline to help you along the way). 

What Land Sites are Currently Available?

Cerron Commercial Properties, LLC, has a variety of land sites available which we market for our clients. You may utilize our Property Search tool, or you may find any one of these current listings of interest:

Commercial Land Site at XXXX 215th Street West in Lakeville, MNXXXX 215th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044 (Industrial)

Commercial Land for Sale at XXXX 160th Street West, Lakeville, MN

XXXX 160th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044 (Commercial)

More Land Sites…and, Next Steps…

If you are interested in discussing any of these sites, or would like our team to begin a search for your specific needs, please complete this inquiry form or call our team to start your commercial land site project (952-469-9444). 

Post Pandemic Commercial Real Estate Options

post pandemic commercial real estate optionsMany business owners are trying to imagine and plan out their post pandemic commercial real estate options. As many businesses have adopted work from home policies during the shutdowns, many business owners and executives are now trying to assess what space is necessary and what can be taken permanently out of the mix. The return to the office may see some changes in 2021.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Death of the Desk”, author Chip Cutter, discusses changes with a variety of businesses like, Dropbox, ADP, and others. Cutter shares an eye-opening statistic in this article: “87% – The share of executives who expect to make changes to their real estate strategy over the next 12 months.”

As owners and executives are assessing their needs, many are finding that a continuation of the work from home model is a fit for their business. However, they also found they need to have “collaboration space” for their teams to meet face to face, when the opportunity calls for this type of interaction.

Each business is unique and their solutions should equally be unique. The team at Appro and Cerron have been helping businesses understand their options and have assisted in creating unique commercial property solutions for more than 30 years. 

As you assess your space needs in 2021, considering commercial property leases or commercial real estate to own, we hope you will consider reaching out to our team to assist you and your team.


SBA Rates Amazing – even amid a pandemic!

Business woman hands holding white card sign with business loan text message isolated on grey wall office background. Retro instagram style imageEven amid a pandemic, SBA rates are amazing! According to a new marketing piece issued by our friends over at SPEDCO, “SBA 504 rates remain extremely low.” 

We would recommend to any business owner looking for financing options for their business to review the options available through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Financing is available for the purchase of equipment, land, or buildings, and refinance options also exist. 

As of the date of this posting, SBA504 rates for loans funding in December, 2020, remain very low:

  • 25-year term – 2.471%*
  • 20-year term  2.427%*

The team at APPRO and CERRON, your “go-to” design-build and commercial real estate professionals, are here to help in any way, as you consider your commercial or industrial space options for 2021. Now is a great time to get your next project teed up!

We are always just a click or a call (952.469.2171 or 952.469.9444) away!


*As quoted by SPEDCO. APPRO and CERRON are not lenders; it is recommended that you seek counsel from a professional lender, tax and/or accounting professional when considering your financing options. 

Cedar Avenue Professional Building: Lease Space Available

Cedar Avenue Professional Office Space is now available at 17305 Cedar Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044. Approximately 4,628 RSF is available for lease in the current Suite 230. This space could be taken as is currently built out for a large user, or the space could be potentially divided into up to three (3) individual suites, or a combination thereof. Outside of the suite is shared restrooms on the 2nd floor, elevator or stair access, and a common entrance. The building was constructed in 2004 and was completely remodeled in 2019. There is ample parking for this building, and the building is conveniently located just off of Cedar Avenue, near Dodd Boulevard – a growing community with great demographics, traffic counts, and on the Red transit line for ease of transportation. This is an excellent site for medical or professional office, and the new tenant would be joining Burnet Realty, Burnet Title, American Family Insurance, Edward Jones, and more.


You may also get a online tour by viewing this quick one minute video:

Call the team at Cerron Commercial Properties for a showing, or to request additional details on this office space available – 952-469-9444.


Cerron Commercial Properties is a commercial real estate brokerage, having served the southern Twin Cities metro area for more than 18 years. Our licensed agents are available to assist  you with your real estate needs – leasing, sales, or investment, representing owners, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, and investors.

Great Commercial Lending Rates = Great time to buy or build

Great commercial lending rates may be on your radar…or not!? Did you know that not only have residential lending rates dropped, but commercial rates have dropped as well. If you have been on the fence about purchasing or building a commercial or industrial building, these rates may be just the reason to move forward!

A little background about small business lending…

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) provides some really great resources to help small business owners understand their options for lending. The primary resource may be found at the “Business Finance Guidance” page of their website. Here, you will find an explanation of grants, loans and SBA lending programs. 

Regarding SBA lending, it is important to note that when applying for an SBA – 504 loan, you do so in coordination with your primary lender. According to DEED, “Also known as the 504 Loan Program, the Certified Development Company loan program makes joint federal and private-sector financing available to small businesses. The purpose of the program is to stimulate growth and expansion of small businesses within cities, regions and states having an SBA-approved Certified Development Company, thereby creating more jobs, increasing the local tax base, and expanding business ownership opportunities. This program provides long-term fixed-asset financing for small businesses. This type of loan is made by a Certified Development Company (CDC) in conjunction with a second loan from a commercial lender in order to meet a majority of the total financing requirements of a specific project.”

Additionally, you may find SBA lending information & rates pertaining to SBA 504 loans (Certified Development Co. loans) at any one of the following providers:

There are several CDCs in Minnesota, including:

Disclaimer: Please note that neither Appro nor Cerron is a licensed lender and as with all financing information, you should discuss decisions with your accounting / tax / legal professionals for advice for your unique business needs. 

We are, however, experts in commercial and industrial property solutions as it relates to commercial real estate, design, and/or construction. Our team would be honored to help answer any questions you may have about finding an ideal solution for your unique business.

Feel free to reach out to our team any time by visiting our “Contact Us” page on our website, clicking the button below, or completing the form on this page.


Thank you!


Help for Landlords amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Being a landlord and property owner is not for the faint of heart, and this is especially true amid the COVID-19 crisis. There is hope and solutions available to meet the challenges facing many property owners in today’s landscape. The team at Cerron Commercial Properties & Appro Development has prepared a list of action items and a summary of tools you can use to navigate these uncharted waters. 

How a landlord can respond

As businesses across the country close their doors in compliance with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to see tenants approaching landlords about their rents. If a business if forced to shut their doors, even temporarily, they are having a hard time generating the revenues they once did, and therefore cannot produce rent. In turn, the landlord may have a difficult time paying the mortgage (if there is one), or taxes, or any of the other costs associated with building ownership. No one wants to be in this situation, and all feel the hardship. According to a recent article published by the CCIM Institute, “Guidance for Rent Relief Requests and Other Commercial Real Estate Tenant/Landlord Issues” a variety of options are available for the landlord to implement in situations like the COVID-19 crisis. You may want to consider these options. 

Handsome concentrated bearded waiter swiping credit card through the computer terminal in cafe

Rent Reduction

The landlord can reduce the tenant’s rent for a portion or all of the term left on the lease. The usual forms of rent reduction are to reduce the base rent, operating expenses, or both. In regard to retail, it is possible to convert base rent to percentage rent.

Rent Deferral

In this case, the landlord can defer a portion of the tenant’s rent but would require them to repay the rent deferred at a later time, either in a lump sum or by increasing subsequent payments. A variation of rent deferral could be to cap or set a base year to operating expenses for a short or extended period of time.

Rent Abatement

If a tenant is significantly past due on rent payments, a landlord may agree to forgive a certain amount of the past due rent if the tenant remains current thereafter.

Loan Conversion

Rather than abating past due rent, a landlord may agree to convert the past due rent into a loan payable over time. The tenant would, however, continue to pay the current rent. The loan is then evidenced by a promissory note that is cross-defaulted with the lease.

Application of Deposit

If the landlord holds a deposit, this amount could be credited against the tenant’s current obligations.


Bringing in a new tenant (for part of or all of the rented space) could reduce or eliminate the rent obligations while replacing revenue for the landlord.

Data Source:

*** Keep in mind – a landlord giving any of these concessions should surely be given some consideration as well – so an extension of the length of the lease term is often considered.***

Young female businesswoman in the office

Additionally, we have discussed this situation with many of our clients who own properties and have started a proactive approach to having a conversation with their clients. Some have sent letters to tenants stating some of the following:

  • Acknowledge the times we are dealing with and their value as a tenant
  • Offer solutions, which may include discussions with their insurance company – possible business interruption insurance and similar  experts in their team of advisers
  • Include summaries provided by local Chambers of Commerce or municipalities
  • Discuss what you as the landlord are doing to try to minimize your costs
  • Request that the tenant, after exhausting all options (government programs, savings, lines of credit, etc.), provides documentation to explain their situation

These times are indeed challenging, but as with all successful relationships, keeping the lines of communication open and respectful can be the key to navigating these tough conversations.

Additional Resources

The following are a few additional resources you may find helpful as you work with your tenants. 

Our team is available to help in any way we can. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have!


 Image Credits: Business person with key and business owner in shop via Shutterstock

 Disclaimer: Appro Development, Inc. and Cerron Commercial Properties, LLC have compiled the above information from multiple sources and make no warranty or representation regarding the information shared above. You and your tax, and/or legal adviser(s) should conduct your own investigation and research regarding the best course of action for you and your unique business.