Energy efficient replacement equipment for your commercial building

Remodeling your commercial building or looking to replace tired or worn out heating and cooling equipment within your building? Sustainable building or Green Building practices can be interjected into your existing facility by upgrading mechanical and electrical equipment in need of replacement. Make sure energy efficiency is at the top of your list. Many rebates from local utility providers in Minnesota exist and those rebates are sometimes doubled up by rebates that the federal government currently have in place. A great source of information can be obtained from Xcel Energy at the following link: the site goes into detail regarding what type of equipment to purchase and what that equipment does for you.

We’ve seen instances where it is more cost effective to buy equipment with higher energy ratings because the rebates available make this equipment less expensive than standard efficiency models that are available.

Have more extensive needs or questions? Xcel Energy also provides a free one hour seminar to enlighten you and your company on the available options click here:

These rebates are not limited to just Xcel energy. Your local cooperative power company may also be participating in a rebate program for replacement of inefficient lighting or mechanical equipment. In Dakota County and other areas of the greater south metro area Dakota Electric Association has rebates for commercial customers at this link:

Not sure where to start or how this might apply to you contact APPRO Development to find out why might be a great time to upgrade that existing equipment.

With A Historically Low SBA Rate, Building A New Office, Warehouse, Retail or Other Commercial Property in Minnesota is a Smart Move!

According to the SBA (as published by SPEDCO – July 13, 2010), “the SBA effective rate dropped this month to 5.213%! The 10-year averaged effective rate dropped to 4.169%! These rates are all time historic lows.”

To take advantage of these great rates and to learn more about key financial planning steps when building an office, warehouse, retail or other commercial property, contact APPRO Development today!

Historically Low SBA Rates Makes Building or Remodeling an Office, Warehouse, Retail or Other Commercial Space A Smart Move.

Growing Optimism in the Manufacturing Field Means It’s Time To Think About LEED/Green Building Updates

Make sure your manufacturing or industrial building is as efficient as possible by having Lakeville, MN APPRO Development make it LEED/Green Certified.

A recent article published in the July issue of the fedgazette (a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank – Ninth District), relayed that despite uncertainty, moderate economic growth is expected for the manufacturing industry.

“While manufacturing employment was down from a year ago, output turned positive during 2010 in Minnesota and the Dakotas, as shown in survey results released by Creighton University. The improvement in manufacturing is also made evident by the increase in the number of hours worked by manufacturing employees. Since April 2009, hours worked increased in all district states except Montana.

The data suggest that manufacturers are boosting output through longer hours instead of hiring new workers. A similar trend is beginning to appear among nonfarm workers nationally.

Not only is staff working more hours per week, but they are producing more per hour worked. During the first quarter of 2010, national productivity levels for nonfarm employees increased more than 6 percent compared with a year earlier, the largest gain since 2002.” (Grundewald, Madden, 22)²

With the positive outlook for those in the manufacturing industry, now is the perfect time to ensure that manufacturing buildings are updated and efficient for both work output and employee health. Oftentimes, remodeling existing facilities to include efficient Green or LEED features has enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more about the benefits of LEED/GREEN building development and remodeling here.

The Time to Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate in Minnesota is Now…

For anyone in the market to lease or buy commercial real estate – This is a good time to make a move.

Lease rates have softened 15-25% from the peak with most Landlords anxious to do a deal and offer concessions to satisfy the tenant’s needs. So…a good time to take advantage of these market conditions and lock in some good lease rates for your business. Mike Salmen of Transwestern referenced this opportunity in a recent article in the Real Estate Journal (, 7/12/2010) where he said – “companies are deciding to relocate or take advantage of the tenant’s market that exists.”

Likewise – sale prices for commercial buildings have also fallen in the market. So if purchasing is an option for your business…again the time is now. Many Sellers are quite motivated to make a deal by reducing their price.

The other reason that the time is now…is that interest rates for financing are at recent historical lows making payments quite affordable. SBA rates for 504 loans are in the 5’s depending on the program.

So, whether you are a tenant or a buyer – now could be a good time for you to relocate your business. Contact our team of leasing professionals to view some of the best deals in commercial real estate for sale or lease in Minnesota.

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Cool Places to Visit in Minnesota!

Minnesota – Cool Places to Visit!

As the Minnesota State Fair opens their doors this week, we are reminded that the summer season is quickly coming to an end. Many folks are squeezing in one more trip, or having some fun before the brisk winds of fall start to blow – ushering in the cooler season.

If you are new to Minnesota or are a long time resident looking for something new to do around town, here is a list of our Top Ten Cool Places to Visit in Minnesota:

1. Take a trip to Duluth, MN – On your way up, be sure to stop at Tobies in Hinckley which is about half way between the Twin Cities and Duluth, for a famous Caramel Roll and a cup of Joe. Once in Duluth, be sure to try skipping some rocks along the shores of Lake Superior. Stop by the Glensheen Mansion, take a trolley ride to the shops around town or rent a 2-4 person bicycle to tour around Canal Park. Grab an ice-cream cone from Bridgeman’s on the Lakewalk located next to the Fitger’s Courtyard, overlooking Lake Superior.

2. You could head further north and explore the North Shore – Head north along Hwy 61. Stop at Gooseberry Falls to go hiking or visit Split Rock Lighthouse (which just celebrated its 100th year anniversary). Stop in Tofte and spend a night at the Bluefin Bay. Then, head on up to Lutsen and take a ride on the Alpine Slide.

3. Visit Lanesboro, MN – rent a bike, stay at one of the many B&B’s around town, and maybe even plant a smooch on your honey (it is said to be one of the most romantic towns in the our great state!)

4. Get back to nature at its best by camping in the Boundary Waters – Start at Ely, MN and be sure to visit the International Wolf Center and then grab a camping pack, a large bag of yummy GORP (a high energy mix of granola, raisins, peanuts – & M&M’s) and grab a canoe – then, get hiking, get portaging, hug a tree, hug a bear, but for heaven’s sake, leave the iPods and Blackberrys at home!

5. Pack your bags and head to the Brainerd Nisswa Lakes Area. Go fishing or if you prefer, maybe just tell a fish story. When in Nisswa, you can partake in some good old fashioned turtle racing or try for that hole in one on any one of the abundant area golf courses.

6. Visit the Iron Range, MN – Climb aboard a mining truck, trace your roots at the Genealogy Center, tour an underground mine at the incredible Soudan Mine, or try an exciting ATV adventure and view the northern landscape in a whole new way!

7. Calling all Shop-a-holics – We really should be called the Land of 10,000 Shops!! Visit the Mall of America, Grand Avenue Shops in St. Paul, MN, check out 50th and France, find bargains at the Outlet Shops at Albertville or Medford, or stop to check out the shops in our own backyard by visiting the Pink Door Boutique, or check out Turnstyle Consignment store for something a little different.

8. Stick around the Twin Cities, MN, and be a tourist – visit Museums, history center, restaurants, lakes, Renaissance Festival, golf, Minnesota Zoo, Valley Fair, water park, and many, many more places to have some summer fun!

9. And, speaking of “sticking” around – see how many things you can find “on a stick” at the great Minnesota get-together…the Minnesota State Fair which is running from Thursday, August 26 – Monday, September 3, 2010.

10. And, last but certainly not least, our all time favorite place – is our home – Lakeville, Minnesota. Enjoy picking up some flowers and veggies at our local Farmer’s Market, play some Frisbee in one of our many parks, take a cruise on one of our lakes. You could explore a night on the town by taking in a show at the Lakeville Arts Center or visit the upcoming Lakeville Arts Festival. If you want to learn more about the history of our town, you could visit the Visit Lakeville Website for lots of interesting information.

There you have it – our suggestions for fun places to visit around the Land of 10,000 Lakes! We are certain there are many, many more exciting and fascinating locations – but, really – home is always the best place to come back to and for us that is Lakeville, Minnesota!

We have found over the years that Lakeville is a great place to own a business, build a building or lease or buy a great new space – which, by the way, is exactly what we have been doing and helping others to do for more than 23 years! At APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties, we love where we work and what we do! Give us a call – we would love to share more about what makes the Southern Twin Cities, Minnesota a great place to work and play!

Property Improvements: Are You Missing an Opportunity for Potential Tax Savings?

If property improvements are on your mind, you might want to check out this recent article by Mark Colvin. According to his recent article, “Don’t Miss the Potential Tax Savings on Property Improvements,”  “businesses that have made recent improvements to their property may be eligible for tax savings.” A recent IRS ruling is the source of this article commentary clarifying when an expenditure qualifies as a deductible repair and when it should be treated as a capital expenditure. […Continue Reading the Full Article]

As with all tax related topics, please consult with a tax and/or accounting professional for advice on your unique business.

Commercial Real Estate Activity: South Metro, MN

commercial real estate activity by CERRON Commercial PropertiesCERRON Commercial Properties summarizes commercial real estate activity in the south metro area. The team at CERRON has been very busy lately with commercial lease and sale activity. Here are just a few of the properties we have recently helped property owners to lease or sell (click on any address or phase to link to more information on that particular property):

  • Industrial Building at  8860-70 Wentworth Avenue, Bloomington with outdoor storage and on rail – CONTRACT PENDING
  • Warehouse Manufacturing Building at 21370 Heywood Avenue, Lakeville with 40,000 SF in Airlake Industrial Park – CONTRACT PENDING
  • Industrial Building in Farmington located at 22098 Canton Court with outdoor storage – CONTRACT PENDING
  • Clean Industrial Manufacturing Building located at 21860 Hamburg Avenue, Lakeville – on rail with silos, skylights & much more – LEASED
  • Office Warehouse space located at 5708 Upper 147th is FULLY LEASED
  • New Construction Office Warehouse Spaces located at the Apple Valley Business Campus – Phase I and IIFULLY LEASED
  • New Construction Office Warehouse Spaces located at the Apple Valley Business Campus – Phase III Partially LEASED